Urban Pride Chicago Week was founded in 1991 and held its inaugural week long Pride celebration. Over twenty years later,Urban Pride Chicago has evolved with the city’s changing landscape and has grown into a regionally anticipated event, drawing thousands of people to Chicago’s Bronzeville, Hyde Park and Jackson Park. Hosted in the heart of Chicago’s lakefront. Urban Pride Chicago events are hosted in an area brimming with activities,attractions and adventures! These events increase awareness of the city and its vast culture,while increasing revenue and visibility for corporate sponsors and local businesses alike. Indeed,Urban Pride Chicago offers a unique opportunity to view the ways Chicago’s African American LGBTQ community is flourishing concurrently with the city’s cultural and economic boom. From thriving cultural institutions like The DuSable Museum, Chicago State University and The Wintrust Arena to a variety of new restaurants,hotels, and luxury apartments that are transforming the Bronzeville and Hyde Park area. 

Urban Pride Inc. empowers,celebrates  and is committed to creating a safer space for people of color in the LGBTQ+ community through building conditions and alliances within the city of Chicago and surrounding areas,educating youth about their history as LGBTQ+ people, as well as advocating cooperation and support from all who value diversity.

Urban Pride Inc. works with the City of Chicago,local businesses,clergy,community health organizations and local artists to meet the needs of the LGBTQ+ community.

The annual Urban Pride Celebration reflects the legacy and continuing accomplishments for the people of color in the  LGBTQ+ communities near and far.

Urban Pride Inc. provides opportunities and creates safe unifying events for people of color to celebrate being both a person of color and being apart of the LGBTQ+ community, which allows you to be completely both without fear of rejection. Monthly activities including open reception,parties,spoken word showcase,live music & entertainment,a panel discussion town hall meeting,health & wellness forum,benefit events,workshops,couple recognition,free & confidential HIV & STI testing and Black LGBTQ Film & Cultural Fest.

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We aspire to create unity in the LGBTQ community with creating events that are family friendly, safe and acceptable to all